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How we help


We specializie in Retirement Income and Wealth transfer.

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Business Owners

We serve as a board member on the business that is YOU.   We don't treat symptoms, we focus on the totality of you!

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Independent but not ALONE.

Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first. We leverage our independence to insure yours.

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what THREATS are you Facing?

  • Can I survive another market crash?
  • Should I buy gold or silver?
  • Will social security be there for me?
  • Is my family protected
  • Have I saved enough money?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes?

When you're Struggling with fears like these - fears that are real and can have a huge impact on your financial future - you need guidance you can trust.

At Fortified Wealth, we take your concerns seriously.  We listen to you. And we take the time necessary to thoroughly understand your situation.

As your financial advisor, we will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

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